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Documentary - The Great Wild Indoors - Feb 9th at 9 pm

The Great Wild Indoors - Feb 9th at 9 pm

If you could get all the bugs that share your home to pay rent you could live pretty much rent free. The Great Wild Indoors by filmmaker Roberto Verdecchia looks at the various creepy crawlies that live inside your home. It is absolutely fascinating and will also make you want to vacuum more carefully next time even if all of these freeloaders are harmless. This documentary is another great The Nature of Things offering and airs February 9th at 9 on CBC. Make sure you mark this one on your viewing calendar because if you miss it it will bug you.

A group of entomologists has been looking all around the world for the creatures that share a home with humans. This time around, the scientists take over a middle class family's home in Toronto and look in every nook and cranny from top to bottom to catalogue the animals that live in that home.

There are a hell of a lot of them. Host David Suzuki makes a point of pointing out his amazement at how these animals have evolved, adapted, and function but most viewers will still go “Ick!” at some of these bugs now matter how cool they are.

The Great Wild Indoors features the usual suspects like spiders, flies, and silverfish, but also showcases various other beasties you did not even know existed like the book louse.

The scenes where you to see a particular bug's superhero like abilities through a macrolens are visually stunning.

If at the end of  the show you decide to get a cleaning service to scour your home top to bottom, you are wasting your time. They will come back and you will even invite some in yourself. It is the nature of things.

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