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Documentary - THe Taming of the Queue - Josh Freed

THe Taming of the Queue - Josh Freed
The Taming of the Queue
Directed by Josh Freed
documentary Channel
June 18th 9 pm
June 28th 8 pm

Canadian documentary filmmaker Josh Freed is a personal favorite. His latest enquiry in how humans work is The Taming of the Queue which airs Sunday June 18th at 9 pm  on documentary and repeats  Wednesday June 28th at 8 pm EDT is a must see. The documentary looks at the history of standing in line, its traditions, and our perceptions of the experience. Freed also shows how one day we will be … freed … from that particular annoyance

Standing in line is something we all have to do and drives all of us crazy. Josh Freed looks at the history of the queue. For example, the queue is believed to have started with the French revolution where everyone was declared equal so no one could get ahead of anyone else. We are also taught how to stand in line in our first year of school. The documentary also presents queues around the world from anarchic India to well-behaved England where during riots hooligans stand in line to rob a store to New York where you can hire someone to queue for you or Tokyo where marking your spot with your name is all you have to do before you can go on to more interesting endeavours.

There will be an online quiz game starting June 18th click here for that.

He interviews various experts such as line expert David Larsen, MIT professor Richard Larsen aka Doctor Queue, and the head cashier at his local supermarket who look at the psychology of standing in line and why, for example, the line next to ours always seems to be faster than the one we are in.

Josh Freed being Josh Freed, there is a good dose of humor and factoids included in his film but I don't want to spoil anyone's fun. Watching The Taming of the Queue provides a whole bunch of conversation starters for your next gathering.

Like any film by Freed, The Taming of the Queue is a must see. If you can't make it to the documentary channel Sunday June 18th at 9 pm  or  Wednesday June 28th at 8 pm EDT that's what TIVO and such things are for. This is a film you will want to watch again and share with friends.

Richard Lanoie

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