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Documentary - Losing Our Religion - documentary Channel Oct 15 9 pm

Losing Our Religion - documentary Channel Oct 15 9 pm
Losing Our Religion
Directed by Leslea Mair and Leif Kaldor
Zoot Pictures Inc 2017
Documentary Channel Oct 15th 9 pm

If you do not tune in to the documentary Channel Sunday October 15th at 9 pm you will never have the opportunity to see a film quite like Losing Our Religion. Trust me, I love the genre and Losing Our Religion is a one of a kind experience that will leave its mark. It airs Sunday October 15th at 9 pm ET and 10 pm PT  and Wednesday October 18th at 7 pm ET and 4 pm PT

Over two years directors Leslea Mair and Leif Kaldor followed the path taken about half a dozen pastors and ministers after they realized they had lost their faith and did not believe in what they were preaching. It proves to be an arduous, challenging, eye opening, life changing, and eye opening experience for all of them.

The best summation of how these people of God lost their faith is best summarized by an expression a couple of them use to explain the process: a death of a dozen cuts. Also if faith was your answer but no longer is the questions multiply and you have no answers to give.

I found it odd that in many cases, a pastor revealing he or she had lost the faith was expressed as ''coming out''. It is an appropriate expression as many were then shunned by their friends and family and left to fend for themselves. That pastor would eventually come to see that the non-christian community was much more open, supportive, and understanding and sometimes practiced what the christians preached but did not act upon.

Losing Our Religion also looks The Clergy Project, a university study on ministers who no longer believed. It also shows there is a growing secular movement with organizations like Oasis and Sunday Assembly where people who do not believe can still find the sense of community, fellowship, and belonging that the church originally provided.

This documentary Channel presentation is an absolute must see and something you will want to record to watch again

Richard Lanoie

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