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Westerns - F Troop The Complete First Season

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Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Melody Patterson
6 DVDs
34 half hour shows
Black and white
Warner Brothers Television 1965
Warner Home Entertainment 2006

Set immediately after the American Civil War, the sitcom F Troop ran from 1965 to 1967.  F Troop The Complete First Season features the first 34 shows of this series. This cowboys and Indians comedy starred Ken Berry as the bumbling captain sent to man a bunch of lazy soldiers at Fort Courage. The real leaders are Sergeant O'Rourke, played by Forrest Tucker, and Corporal Agarn, played by Larry Storch. Captain Parmenter's various pratfalls and O'Rourke's various schemes are the source of much of the material on this show.

A politically correct audience will probably cringe a bit at the fact all the Indians (i.e. Native Americans) are played for laughs and by white actors. Then again, the soldiers are also played for laughs and by white actors. Then again, the Hekawis, headed by Chief Wild Eagle often get the upper hand in O'Rourke's schemes.

This is a fun western comedy from the early days of television. There are a lot of running gags in this show. Most are centered on bumbling but well-meaning Captain Parmenter (a role where Ken Berry gets to demonstrate his talent for the pratfall), the very bad bugler, and the fact a lookout tower almost always gets blown up when the camp cannon is fired.

Any western fan will greatly enjoy F Troop The Complete First Season. There are quite a few historically funny jokes such as when Agarn promises Chief Wild Eagle he will be on the nickel if he accepts a certain deal. Most episodes are pretty good although a few are not very well written and not really funny.

The 34 shows in F Troop The Complete First Season are all almost pristine in quality with the notable exception of a show with Zsa Zsa Gabor as a gypsy fortune teller. You will also recognize Paul Lynde in a small role, Don Rickles as the star of one of the episodes. This is a good western television sitcom box set.

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