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Westerns - Cheyenne The Complete First Season

BUY Cheyenne The Complete First Season
Clint Walker, L.Q. Jones
15 episodes, 40 minutes each
Originally broadcast 1955 - 56
5 DVDs
Black and white
Warner Home Video

Cheyenne The Complete First Season is your old style, and black and white, cowboys and Indians and bad guys TV western. The rather stoic and deadpan Clint Walker plays good guy Cheyenne whose parents were killed by Injuns when he was a baby and was raised by the Cheyenne, hence his name. The pilot episode, featuring James Garner as a U.S. Cavalry soldier out to rescue his fiancée, does ramble on a bit and the use of stock footage is obvious to say the least -especially when the Injuns have a war dance in the middle of the night when it is broad daylight outside-but overall Cheyenne The Complete First Season is a pretty good western television series where the cowboys actually say Howdy!

Like any self-respecting TV western white hat cowboy Cheyenne does not go looking for trouble but trouble sure has a way of finding him in all 15 episodes of Cheyenne The Complete First Season. There is always an opportunity for Cheyenne to mention not all Indians are the bad, evil kind of Injun. This is taken care of early on in episode 2, Julesburg, after which the cowboy rescues a bunch of people lost on the trail, saves their cattle from rustlers, and cleans up the town of Julesburg. The show also sometimes features a bit of comic relief. L.Q. Jones, who recently appeared in the A Prairie Home Companion movie, plays Smitty, Cheyenne's sometime companion, and he is good for a few laughs here and there.

A few of the episodes in Cheyenne The Complete First Season tend to ramble on with not much story to tell. This is the case for The Argonauts where Clint Walker goes prospecting for gold with a couple of cowpokes, teaches them a lesson or two about friendship, and, just when it is getting kind of tedious, a few Indians show up to make things interesting. In The Outlander Cheyenne saves an old man from hanging, goes up against some angry ranchers when he supports the local Marshall, and solves a murder mystery. The problem is he sure does ride around for a long time before everything gets solved and the girl steals his gun one too many times.

An interesting episode is West Of The River where Cheyenne leads a dirty dozen type of outfit to rescue a man's daughters who were captured by the Kiowas five years ago. Problem is the daughters have the TV western version of Stockholm syndrome and the dirty dozen soldiers do not like each other much though all is well that generally ends well.

If you watch all 15 episodes of Cheyenne The Complete First Season you will notice that somehow Cheyenne always ends up holed up on the same bit of mountain. You'd think the west was bigger than that.

All in all, this is a fun to watch television western series. The picture quality is top notch.

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