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Westerns - The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

BUY The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.
The Complete Series
Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry, John Astin,
Kelly Rutherford, Billy Drago
25 60 minute episodes
8 DVDs
Originally aired 1992-93
Warner Home Video 2006

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr is a western with a heavy dose of Indiana Jones and touches of science fiction. The premise is Brisco County Jr (Bruce Campbell is hired to find John Bly and his gang which suits him fine as Bly and his gang killed his father in the pilot episode. The series is a very tongue and cheek western with a flair for comedy. Creators Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse sure know their television western lore, know how to put together an interesting and fun show with just enough gun play to keep it a cowboy righting wrong show without making it violent. In fact, most solutions to the problem involve a minimum of shooting.

The first three episodes of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. center around a mysterious orb that gives whoever comes in touch with it special powers. IN addition to chasing down the Bly gang, County also has to deal with this special object while future cohort Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) keeps getting in his way and helping out at the same time. Other episodes have much more of a traditional western feel with the obligatory gunfight, almost getting killed by a passing train, and so on.

Each episode in this show features Brisco County Jr chasing down on of the men in Bly's gang, some of whom are able to reappear in future episodes although they have been left for dead. John Astin is excellent as the Professor Calculus style absent-minded inventor who is far ahead of his time. This allows the creators of the show to have things like tanks, rockets, deep-sea diving outfits, take-out windows, home security firms and the old Mafia style shakedown show up as part of the plot.

A particularly fun episode in a collection of fun episodes is Hard Rock where the sheriff is a pre-Elvis Elvis impersonator. This is the show that has the invention of the hamburger -which was almost called a cow pie "It comes from a cow and looks like a pie".

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. episodes are certainly different one from another even if the central theme is County chasing down Bly and his men. Look for Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar of Star Trek fame) in an episode where she is the sheriff of an all-women town. The orb makes a few more appearances, turns out there were three as does the ghost of Brisco's father. This is a fun western television series.

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