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Horror - Brahm Stoker's Way Of The Vampire

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Rhett Giles, Andreas Beckett, Denise Boutte
kaBOOM! Entertainment
82 minutes

Way Of The Vampire bites because the sound sucks. The music, sfx, and background noises are way too loud compared to the voices of the actors who tend to mumble and whisper a lot in their out of sync voices. This makes watching what is probably otherwise a not particularly bad horror and action movie about an immortal Van Helsing (the vampire killer in Bram Stoker’s original short novel Dracula) taking on a gang of modern day vampires a chore.

You cannot possibly expect a movie like this to be brilliant and feature actors giving award winning performances: this is your basic B movie low-budget (relatively speaking) somewhat formulaic scary movie and as such it generally works and meets a viewer’s expectations for this kind of thing. You will also accept that some of the vampires crouch on the front stoop of their secret lair like those marble lions in front of libraries and move around like dropouts from a modern dance school all the while hissing like cats. You will also buy the fact that vampires and vampire chasers cannot afford to take acting lessons nor can the cinematographer frame a scene correctly.

Vampire chaser Van Helsing is now immortal and head of hematology. One of his former followers, Sebastian, is now the leader of the nosferatu hiding in the Los Angeles area. There lots that’s not really explained, of course and who cares, that leads to a showdown between the forces of good and the forces of evil. It is kind of ironic that this showdown is made more difficult by the fact that historically vampire chasers were monks and there aren’t many of those still running around.

This movie has more a few blood-spurting scenes (makes you wonder how come vampires never seem to get AIDS) and the kind of gore fans of the genre demand. It also features a few beautiful actresses whose job is to lose part of their clothing at the appropriate time. The final showdown is a mix of quick cuts of every kind of slasher movie death and bad action movie fight scenes.

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