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Horror - The Dark

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Sean Bean, Maria Bello, Abigail Stone, Sophie Stuckey
Directed by John Fawcett
Impact Pictures 2004
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
93 minutes

The Dark most certainly pushes all the right scary movie buttons at just the right horror movie time. Add some eerie music and quick jump cuts here and there for no reason that add to the tension to the of course house with a dark past and an appropriately scary room, an ominous local legend, and you’ve got all the ingredients of a really good scary movie. Director John Fawcett even gets away with opening the movie with a dark and stormy night and a car getting stuck in the mud as the frightening bits that help build the tension in The Dark, a good horror movie DVD that works in terms of story, characters, and scaring you. He doesn’t quite get away with the modern horror movie director’s taste for jump cuts inside jump cuts inside a dream or vision as a means to create tension as he does it a little too often..

The Dark, based on the Welsh tales of Creiddylad and Annwn depends on a mother’s everlasting love for her daughter. On the way to her husband’s cottage in Wales, Adele and Sarah get lost (in a storm of course) and sleep in the car. Adele has a strange dream about her daughter disappearing after she walks around an old Welsh monument. The monument commemorates the mass suicide of a bunch of religious nuts who all jumped off the cliff to their deaths.

A few days later, Sarah is almost shoved off the same cliff by some suicidal sheep. When. Sarah (Sophie Stuckey) mysteriously disappears in the sea, it is up to her mother, Adele (Maria Bello) to make things right. Adele is visited by the sort of ghost and very real presence of Ebrill (Abigail Stone), the young daughter of the leader of the religious nuts who sacrificed his flock to bring his daughter back. Daffyd, a local handyman tells Adele the story behind Ebrill, the Annwn, and Creiddylad. Will Adele be willing to cross over to rescue her daughter?

The only weak part in The Dark is the at times inappropriately pompous music by Edmund Butt who obviously went to the John Williams School of put everything including the kitchen sink school of movie scoring. This is especially evident in the scene when Sarah vanishes where the music belongs more to a Lord of the Rings style movie than a horror movie. John Fawcett does milk the scary room bit a bit too often (after all, if there was a scary room in your scary house wouldn’t you install a few damn lights in it and elave them on?).

Still, The Dark is a pretty good horror movie DVD

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