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Horror - Dolls

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Carrie Lorraine, Guy Rolfe, Stephen Lee
Directed by Stuart Gordon
78 minutes
MGM Home Video 2005

Rule number one of horror movies is if the radio says the sky will be clear and suddenly it starts to rain and your car gets stuck in St. Bugger All Of Nowhere do not go to the weird looking house down the road. David and Rosemary Bower and daughter Judy, two punk chicks, and a salesman do not obey that first rule. Another rule is when lightning flashes whenever the owners of the house says something that may be ominous, get the hell out. None of the unwilling guests obey that rule either. That is probably the first thing that pisses off the dolls in the movie.

Dolls is a fun little horror movie with somewhat cheesy special effects. The stars of this spooky flick is Carrie Lorraine (Poltergeist II) who is really good as young Judy and Stephen Lee who plays Ralph, a traveling salesman who is, thank goodness for him, still a kid at heart. The various characters in this movie also forget another rule of the genre which is not to go creeping around the old house in the middle of the night so you can pretty much figure out what will happen to them. Carolyn Purdy-Gordon chews up a hell of a lot of scenery as the evil stepmother so you kind of enjoy her particular demise, especially justified after she tosses Judy’s teddy in the forest in the middle of a storm

Dolls also has a bit of dark humor thrown in, such as this little exchange:

Ralph (after being bitten by “rats”) “I think they’re rabid.”
Judy” “I like rabbits!”

The ending of this scary movie feels a bit tacked on and definitely demands willing suspension of disbelief but, hey, what the hell. All is sorta well that ends sorta well.

Special features include a commentary track by director Stuart Gordon (not known for much) and a commentary track with some of the actors and where Stephen Lee. who had a cold, coughs his way through it. These are, as usual, fairly banal.

Dolls is a good little movie but you’ll have to forget the special effects guy when you see the window break before one of the characters falls through it.

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