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Horror - Jason X

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Rated: R - nudity, strong language, slasher violence
Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Run Time: 93 minutes

Some movies change the nature of a genre – Jason X isn’t one of them but the script clearly grew out of the 1996 horror comedy classic Scream.

little movie that doesn’t even come close to doing either the slasher, horror or SF genres any credit. There is nothing to recommend this movie to anyone other than its complete lack of ability to illicit anything other than the occasional giggle and one very good belly laugh. The entire movie could have been pared down to a single scene when Jason encounters two holographically reproduced teen campers who promptly remove their tops and request premarital sex. The scene is hilarious and the only truly inspired moment in an otherwise pedestrian movie.

The set up for the movie is simple. Authorities unable to execute Jason Voorhees have decided to make him into a serial killer popscicle by putting him into deep cryogenic stasis. At the last moment the requisite pompous ass who knows more than anyone else appears to deliver transfer papers to take Jason to be studied (clearly the man has not seen the other movies in the Friday the 13th series). After Jason escapes he is lured by Rowan into the cryostasis chamber and frozen solid but a freak accident (Jason being the freak) leads to Rowan being frozen at the same time.

Jump forward 450 years and a group of salvagers/academics pull Jason and Rowan out of cryostasis. The balance of the movie proceeds pretty much the way you would expect with victims dropping like flies. Fans of Andromeda will get a kick out of seeing Lexa Doig as Rowan and Lisa Ryder as Kay-EM 14 but that pretty much sums up the appeal of this movie. The most talented actor in the movie Peter Mensah (Bless The Child) is the only relief from dialogue delivery which sounds like a first day reading circle by undergrads in a community college drama program.

Completists may want to see this movie but no one else will.

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