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Science Fiction - Michael L. Wentz - Resurrection Of Liberty

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Michael L. Wentz
Novalibre Publishing LLC
Hardcover 339 pages

Michael L. Wentz has a problem: He has written a solid, rollicking, fast paced, easy to read story. That is the kind of thing that leads people to expect even more the next time around. Resurrection Of Liberty has whetted our appetite for more and we can only hope that more is forthcoming. Resurrection Of Liberty is aimed at the young adult audience but can easily reach back to the 13 year old age group all the way up to anyone who enjoys speculative fiction. There is so much that is good about Resurrection Of Liberty that the negative should be gotten out of the way first. The cover for Resurrection Of Liberty is horrible. The cover looks like it was pirated from a communist propaganda poster from the mid 1950's. There it has been said - let the artist take it for what it is worth. Any serious science fiction fan who is even moderately well read will note the debt's owed to Orson Scott Card and Frederik Pohl. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but at times you do get the feeling you've been here before but not enough to ruin the story. The character of Tom could have been used a little more. That about covers the negatives as far as this book is concerned.

Resurrection Of Liberty has a lot going for it from the beginning. It is an easy read because the sentences are well constructed and coherent. The sentences are part of clear and well constructed paragraphs which in turn are part of clear well constructed chapters. There is no incoherent descent into unnecessary technogibberish and there is a really cool variation on wormhole theory that helps move the story along as well as becoming an important factor in the story. Add to the craft of writing well the ability to tell an engaging story with endearing characters and you have everything you need for a wonderful book. The story centers around Dan Foster and his best friends Janet and Tom who find themselves in the rather unenviable position of suddenly discovering that Dan is descended from aliens and they have to figure out how to save the planet.

This is a fast paced story that is episodic in structure switching back and forth between the heroes of the story - the three teenagers intent on saving mankind - and the discordant realpolitik of earth seemingly unable to cooperate even in the face of certain annihilation. The adults in this book are real adults and behave like real adults. The adults are not caricatures or cardboard cut outs and neither are the teenagers. The three friends act like friends they aren't always nice to each other but the mutual respect is there even when they taking verbal jabs at each other. The people and relationships ring true with nary a false note in Resurrection Of Liberty.

Resurrection Of Liberty is a good buy for any young teen to young adult reader new to science fiction. For older, more experienced readers it is a pleasant one day diversion.

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