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Horror - Urban Legends Bloody Mary

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Kate Mara, Robert Vito, Ed Marinaro
Directed by Mary Lambert
MGM Home Video
93 minutes

Urban Legends Bloody Mary hits all the marks a good horror movie is supposed to hit. Director Mary Lambert is an experienced hand (Pet Sematary and some Tales From The Crypt) and leads Kate Mara and Robert Vito as fraternal twins Samantha and David Owens give a good, believable performance as two teens caught in a scary mystery about what happened to a girl their age some thirty years ago.

Samantha and her friends are drugged and taken to a secluded place by some football players as revenge for an article she wrote for the school newspaper. This is what happened to Mary Banner (aka Bloody Mary) and her friends thirty years before so Mary’s spirit decides to get even with the people who tried to hurt Samantha.

This being a horror flick, there are the prerequisite scary and gross scenes, a lot of people dying a violent death, bugs and stuff, a lot of quick cuts and flashbacks of sorts, and all the other ingredients to make you a little jumpy while you watch this movie. The reason Urban Legends Bloody Mary works is that a lot of the bad guys involved in Samantha’s abduction have a by-the-book urban legend death such as deep-frying in a tanning bed, a spider laying its eggs in you and the baby spiders hatching the next day right out of your body, the vending machine that will fall over you if you stick your hand in it, and a couple of other such myths.

This movie also works because the writers included a whodunit to go along with the angry spirit of Mary Banner device. In a sort of Hardy Boys Nancy Drew way Samantha and David try to figure out what happened 30 years ago to Mary Banner and her friends and the story is interesting enough to make you want to figure it out too.

Of course, there are a couple of weaknesses. Characters say things like “Time to get the heck out of Dodge.” and “Let’s get the heck out of here.” yet you can hear the usual sounds of an adult movie when one of the characters tries to watch a scrambled version of it in a motel room.

Perhaps the funniest bit in the movie is after a character tries to clobber Samantha with a shovel, that character says, “I’m sorry I hit you. I have a problem with anger management but I’m okay now.”

This is a good little horror flick.

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