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Horror - Zombie Honeymoon

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Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Tonya Cornelisse
Written and directed by Dave Gebroe
Fabrication Films / Hooligan Pictures
VVS Films 2006
83 minutes plus extras

It is not a good idea to say something bad about a movie by writer director Dave Gebroe. When a customer at a video store puts down Gebroe’s past effort, The Homeboy, he is attacked and killed by a flesh-eating zombie (is there any other kind?). This, however, is not the reason why I very much enjoyed Zombie Honeymoon, a horror movie that has all the scary bits with a lot of comedy thrown in. This independent movie is solid and does not show its low budget roots too often although it is sometimes hard to hear the dialogue when the actors are speaking in a low voice.

Zombie Honeymoon starts off as a romantic zombie comedy. Newlyweds Denise and Danny (Tracy Coogan and Graham Sibley who are both excellent) spend their honeymoon on the Jersey shore. While at the beach, Danny gets attacked by a creature, dies in the hospital but comes back to life a few minutes later. When Tracy finds out her new husband is a flesh-eating zombie, she decides to respect the vows she just pronounced and stay with her man even if he is no longer the vegetarian she married.

At first, Zombie Honeymoon voluntarily plays like a comedy and then slowly grows into a full-grown gory horror movie. Writer director Dave Gebroe manages this tricky transition and balancing act quite well and never loses the viewer. The acting, by the leads and supporting cast, is excellent, and the special effects and make up are also way above the usual independent scary movie stuff you usually see.

Special features include excerpts from a documentary film that had a few scenes about Zombie Honeymoon, some deleted scenes, a gag reel, the audition tape for Coogan and Sibley, and the trailers.

One objection is you are force-fed a preview before the movie starts.

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