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Horror - Medium

One of the surprise hits of the television season last year was the show Medium. This Kelsey Grammar produced show falls into the netherworld of shows which don’t have an actual easy to define audience. There are elements of horror, fantasy, mystery and police procedure which combine to create a frequently haunting show which became appointment viewing for a lot of television viewers.

Patricia Arquette is Allison Dubois a one time law student who abandoned her ambition to be a lawyer when her visions of the dead become too powerful to ignore. Allison is an endearing character. She looks like a woman who has actually had the three tow heads she and her husband are caring for while trying their best to make ends meet. Allison’s husband Joe is played to whining perfection by Jake Webber who never seems to tire of complaining about or casting aspersions on Allison’s abilities. While Joe’s predilection for beating this dead horse can be annoying it also rings true of a real marriage and this is one of the great strengths of this television show. You believe Joe and Allison are married. They have fights – not knock down drag outs – but three word in a certain tone over breakfast or two or three sentences just cryptic enough that the kids won’t understand fights. Fights like real people have in front of the kids or their friends.

Medium is a character driven show with Patricia Arquette being backstopped by some great writing and acting from the always reliable Miguel Sandoval. The stories are interesting and often enough make you jump out of your skin with fright. Overall the first season was a big winner despite a few flatish episodes. Historically television shows which survive their freshman year either die in the first six episodes of their sophomore year or go on to endure for a decent run.

Season two of Medium is off to a great start.

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