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Horror - Web Of Dreams

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Audio Cassette
Publisher: Books on Tape
Language: English

The audio book Web of Dreams is part of V.C. Andrew's Casteel series. Books in a series can either stand at novels unto themselves or they cannot: Web of Dreams cannot. Slow moving with ham handed caricatures for characters Web of Dreams fails to satisfy anyone who is not already a fan of the series and curious about Heaven's mother and how the whole story began. For fans of the series this may be an interesting effort but for someone new to Andrews or the series it is definitely not the place to start.

If there is fault beyond the writing - and there is much fault to be placed there - then the remaining fault lies with Cynthia Nixon who's noxious, cloying, terminally whiny reading grates on the listener to the point where the tape deck is in danger of being smashed to bits. If there was any direction in this audio recording it is completely without any substantive effect on a terminally boring reading. The voice work is without merit and singularly displeasing.

If you read the other four books in the Casteel series first this audio book is probably worth picking up other than that give Web of Dreams a pass it really isn't worth your time.

Denis Bernicky

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