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Horror - Dead End

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Ray Wise, Lin Shaye
Number of discs: 1
Rating NR - This should be an R rated film
Studio: Lions Gate
Run Time: 84 minutes

Lions Gate is legendary for their contribution to B movies and the horror genre. Dead End is another great addition to this tradition.

A little brain fade and a close call with another car on the highway launches this movie with a bit of a heart pumping beginning. Frank Harrington takes a short cut to his mother's house and of course evil ensues. Simply put this movie could be a blue print for how to make a successful B grade movie. The script is good the acting is exceptional and the direction very tight.

Dead End is a suspense / horror move that is long on both an short on splatter. In other words the story relies on talent not on CGI and effects.

The plot is very simple. A family lost in the middle of nowhere with no way out are slowly being killed off. Simplicity is the watch word for directors Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa who create a great deal of tension and superbly scary moments with nothing more than camera angles and lighting. The Harrington family is a realistic family and like all families have secrets and fears. As members of the party slowly get picked off the survivors mentally start to unravel.

Something which makes the movie all the more enjoyable is the Greg De Belles soundtrack. Bloody Road, Please Don’t Go and Bring It Back are all great additions to the movie and the tone of the movie. One can only hope that the Andrea / Canepa team come together again with a larger budget for another movie.

Denis Bernicky

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