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Horror - America's Most Haunted Inns

America's Most Haunted Inns
Real Events, Real Ghosts
Directed by Robert Child
VVS Films 2006
55 minutes

America's Most Haunted Inns DVD features a boos boo of inns in Pennsylvania that go thump in the night. Like its companion release America's Most Haunted Town, this DVD features ghosts you may or may not see and the rather strange but still believable Cathe Curtis as the ghost finder. For those unfamiliar with the series, this is sort of an A&E biography of haunted places or a Where are they now of the dead.

If you expect to see your standard Hollywood horror movie ghost in America's Most Haunted Inns DVD, think again. It seems spirits look more like a little round ball of light or a floating speck of dust than they do Casper the Friendly Ghost. They do, sometimes, look like ghosts in British movies where there is fog.  That the film camera cannot spot these ghosts as well as a still camera used by Curtis' assistant is an interesting question you do not really want to ask if you are to enjoy this documentary. You also do not really want to know I have a man-sized TV and even on that ain't no ghosts as such.

You do learn useful stuff in this documentary about America's most haunted inns. According to expert Cathe Curtis, ghost do respect your privacy and that is why they never go in the bathroom (whether or not they go to the bathroom is not answered). Haunted inns include the Ottsville Inn and Bucksville House where the colonial era maids are still hard at work and play checkers from time to time.

The Center Bridge Inn is another haunted inn in Pennsylvania. It does have its funny bit when Cathe asks he assistant what he sees on the thermostat and he says Honeywell. The Black Bass Hotel is also haunted.  The owner, like many others, never volunteers his guests the information the place is haunted but is more than willing to tell a few ghost stories. He describes the ghost, names Hans, as a big, burly guy but for some reason the pictures only show a little dot of light or a fuzzy bit of fog-like substance called ectoplasm.

The Wedgwood Inn is on top of a stop in the underground railroad and one of the rooms is haunted by the ghost of a 12-year-old who only shows herself to other twelve-year-olds Another ghost, named Mr. Black, and a painter, who also haunts New Hope (featured in America's Most Haunted Town) also occupy rent free the inn. The scene in the underground railroad cavern is where you have the best chance to see what Cathe Curtis and her photographer see.

Also included in the tour of America's Most Haunted Inns is the Logan Inn where, contrary to Cathe Curtis' assertion, one of the guest was bothered by a ghost while in the bathroom. The Pineapple Inn, also featured in the Most Haunted Town DVD, is also visited by director Robert Child, photographer what's his name, and ghost lady Cathe Curtis. The ghost at this inn looks like a lit dandelion. This ghost also seems to try to communicate on camera by emitting high-pitched interference noises on film.

The background music for America's Most Haunted Inns DVD is pretty good but a bit overwhelming at times.

If you believe in ghosts and spirits you will will enjoy this DVD. If not, well, there you go. Though it is lots of fun to watch, it is not a spiritual experience.

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