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Audio Books - Rupert Everett - Red Carpets And Other Banana Peels


Rupert Everett
Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins
Read by the author
Audio Book 4 CDs
Abridgement approved by the author
Hachette Audio 2007

I haven't read the book but I've seen the movies. Some of them anyways such as My Best Friend's Wedding and the dreadful Inspector Gadget. The four CD audio book version of the Rupert Everett autobiography Red Carpets and Other Bananas gives the listener that exact same feeling of not having read the book but vaguely remembering the movies Rupert Everett was in.

In an age where any widescreen friendly face gets a book deal Red Carpets and Other Bananas is very well written. It is a fairly witty and clever story of a guy who made a few movies, hung out with a lot of celebrities, got into some trouble, and moved on. As an audio verite moment of the late eighties and nineties it is a fairly interesting though not particularly remarkable tale.

Perhaps I expected more from the blurb in the back of the box for the audio book version of Red Carpet and Other Bananas. For example it promises Russian steppes and an Easter egg hunt in Elizabeth Taylor's garden yet I do not recall hearing such tales in here.

Also missing is the dark side of Rupert Everett. Often he admits he was a cad or partly to blame but he rarely says why or how. Faye Dunaway being referred to as Done Fadaway is as nasty and tell-all as Red Carpets and Other Bananas gets. If you are looking or listening for any out of school tales about Julia Roberts, the star in My Best Friend's Wedding, or about anybody else, forget it. There is, however, a rather creepy bit involving Sharon Stone channelling the ghost of the character she is to play in A Different Loyalty.

Everett is more interested in telling the tale of a gay actor getting roles, the Miami lifestyle before Versace's murder, and, perhaps because this is the abridged audio book version, bits of tales and stories about various events in his life.

Most complete in the stories Rupert Everett tells is the growth of Madonna as a pop star to a full-fledged phenomenon as she appears for a party from time to time in various sections of this audio book.

Red Carpets and Other Bananas, the 4 CD Rupert Everett autobiography, is interesting in an ephemeral way. It is snapshots of fairly interesting times and places and much like a vacation photo album more interesting to those who were there or want to go there than to others.

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