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Documentary - An Inconvenient Truth

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Starring: Al Gore
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Number of discs: 1
Rated PG
Studio: Paramount Home Video
Run Time: 96 minutes

If you believe that a great wrong is being done are you morally compelled to try and prevent it?

This question pops into mind while mulling over the difference between a moral man and an ethical man: A moral man knows what is right and what is wrong the ethical man is one who simply does what is right. Knowing that there is right and wrong does not mean that we will do what is right in lieu of what is expedient or convenient.

Be ready for such philosophical questions to present themselves to you should you decide to watch An Inconvenient Truth. For anyone who uses fossil fuels in any capacity there remains no moral high ground unless it is of their own manufacture. An Inconvenient Truth is just that – inconvenient. It is unsettling to watch a simple, steady and unrelenting parade of information which can only cause you to come to the same conclusions as Al Gore has.

Al Gore is a personable and engaging speaker with an easy manner and a gift for explaining things with a great deal of clarity. There are no fireworks or fire and brimstone in this simple presentation of what is happening to our planet, why it is happening and how the actions of every individual can help in saving us from ourselves.

An Inconvenient Truth is a must see movie it really is that simple. It will change the way you think about yourself on this planet.

Denis Bernicky

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