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Action - Walking Tall The Payback


Walking Tall The Payback
Kevin Sorbo, A.J. Buckley, Yvette Nipar
Directed by Trip Reed
Sony Pictures Home Video 2007

When I was assigned this particular review, I thought I'd end up watching a cheap follow up of the first Walking Tall movie, with Kevin Sorbo instead of The Rock in the lead role. Surprisingly, I felt quite differently after viewing the film. I felt that Walking Tall The Payback actually had a stronger plot than the first one. OK, there are a few borrowed ideas; the hero is a former special ops soldier who wants to lead a regular life when suddenly his community needs him to take back the town he grew up in away from a group of thugs. These were what made the first movie successful, so why not borrow a winning formula.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of the TV series that Kevin Sorbo has played in (Hercules, Andromeda), but I think he gives a solid performance inWalking Tall The Payback. His character (Nick Prescott) seems to have depth and we feel how he goes from uninterested spectator to a sheriff who's deeply involved in his investigation, and ultimately, his quest to rid his hometown of thugs.

Speaking of thugs, A.J. Buckley (Harvey) plays one of the meanest thugs I've seen in recent movie history. He's ruthless, he'll stop at nothing to reach his goal, and he's the kind of bad guy we just love to hate.

For fans of action, the movie includes all the fist fights, gun fights and explosions you might expect, and the duel between good and evil at the end has a lot of original twists. Let's just say without spoiling the punch that a horse is involved and provides an almost comical way of dealing with the bad guys. The Walking Tall The Payback DVD also includes the usual deleted scenes (6 of them). Overall, I'd say that if you like good action movies with original storylines without necessarily a big blockbuster budget for special effect, this movie will please you.

Vincent Lemire

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