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Horror - Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary
Jaason Simons, Amber Borycki, Kim Tyler
Written and directed by Richard Valentine
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2007
93 minutes

A horror movie where in the first five minutes one of the blondes gets naked and gets killed is my kind of horror DVD. Bloody Mary wastes no time is setting up the carnage at good old generic State Psychiatric Hospital. Three blondes force another, Nicole, to undress, walk down some underground passage, and say "I believe in Bloody Mary" three times. Of course, she doesn't make it back.

Nicole's sister, Natalie, comes to town to figure out what happened to her sister and takes things in her own hands when the local cop seems to dismiss the whole thing as relating to "hippies". Soon after, one of the three remaining blondes get shoved down in the underground passage by ringleader Jenna and, well, you know, it's a horror movie. Nicole's boyfriend, Jenna's ex, also dies a bloody and appropriately blood splattered death.

To add to the horror element, whoever is killing off the blondes, and the blonde's boyfriend, is gouging out the eyes and keeping them in their own separate little jar. Also, the creature has Jay Leno's chin. Weird but true

Bloody Mary works because it does not waste any time nor tries to set up some artsy-fartsy story and does not waste camera angles. Having the story set in and around a psychiatric hospital automatically allows for some weird characters.Director and writer Richard Valentine does not fart around and this makes for a nice tight horror DVD that keeps you interested, scares you from time to time and often enough to keep you watching. He does not explain a hell of a lot either as the movie introduces new secondary characters and this not only works but adds to the general tension, mystery, and creepiness. None of the actors are well-known, few ever will be, but they do a good job here.

The movie assumes the viewer already knows the legend of Bloody Mary, some kind of evil creature that, once invoked, cannot be returned to the other side of the mirror. There is a slow reveal as to who Bloody Mary is in this movie, what ties various characters have with her, and why Jena is the queen bee of nasty blondes. All this in good time.

There have been a couple of other horror flicks titled Bloody Mary in the recent past but this one is the best I have seen. This DVD is not a horror movie classic but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

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