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Horror - Return Of The Living Dead - Rave To The Grave


Return Of The Living Dead
Rave To The Grave Unrated
Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Cory Hardrict, John Keefe
Directed by Ellory Elkayem
VVS Films 2007
95 minutes

Seven minutes into Return Of The Living Dead Rave To The Grave you've already seen two zombies get their brains blown out, one zombie get his brain drilled out, the mad scientist and his assistant have been killed, and cute girls in cheerleader outfits have made their first appearance. Talk about not wasting any time, especially since the first two t-shirts come off six minutes later.

Return Of The Living Dead Rave To The Grave has all the ingredients of a really good dumb horror movie: a very quickly explained premise so you don't have to figure things out, special agents played by really bad actors with really bad Russian accents, enough blood and gore to make you want to buy stock in Heinz and slaughterhouses, dumb teenagers who should know better, and, most important, bodacious babes and titties (don't forget rule 9c of horror movies: whoever removes her top shall die). What more can a geek or teenage boy want in a movie?

A couple of college students find a couple three drums of the zombie making potion the bad guys are looking for. The zombie making stuff ends up getting distributed at, appropriately enough, a Halloween rave. The whole drug dealing stuff is, however, laughable. They flash the xtasy and cash to make sure the viewers and the entire world know there is a drug deal going on. One of the drug dealers has, I swear, a collection of little bottles that seem to contain jujubes and M&Ms. The movie slows down a bit here but once the zombie x gets distributed the fun begins.

Granted the special effects in Return Of The Dead Rave To The Grave are generally cheesy. There are slow spots here and there, such as the setting up of the place where the Halloween rave is going to be held. Some scenes such as the zombie with the meat kills t-shirt are just goofy funny. Some of the lines are voluntarily bad:  "C'mon Chucky. We're frat brothers; we're supposed to share everything. Especially internal organs."  or  "Oh, my God. Something's wrong with Mr. Stinky.") but this is part of the package of most low budget horror movies and DVDs.

Return Of The Dead Rave To The Grave Unrated is a fun low-budget horror movie that does what this kind of DVD is supposed to do: entertain, scare a bit, and splatter lots of blood.

I was definitely bummed that the jacket promised music by Alice Cooper and did not deliver but there you go.

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