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Science Fiction - Serenity

The gritty overtones of the original series survived this leap to big screen and will not leave fans disappointed.

Serenity is about love, love of a brother for a sister, love of a husband and wife, love of ideals like loyalty and truth. Joss Whedon created one of the smartest science fiction series in history when he launched Firefly to an unreceptive public. Serenity is like Firefly because it is the end of Firefly. It holds true to the look, feel and characterization of the series even while Serenity is a story which can stand on its own.

The gritty overtones of the original series survived this leap to big screen and will not leave fans disappointed. With a smart story, well written script, rapid fire direction, good acting and whiz bang special effects Serenity is a fast paced movie which will not disappoint. As with many movies that make the leap from small screen to big screen there has to be a back story provided for those who arrive at the theatre without the slightest knowledge of the series. Serenity accomplishes the back story elements with a series of flashbacks which also move the plot forward.

The movie centers around the River story arc from the original series. Unlike the original series though we get a better understanding of River and why she is how she is. River (Summer Glau) and Mal (Nathan Fillion) the captain of Serenity are well met – one cannot lose a fight the other cannot resist one. River, with the aid of her brother, has fled a government facility where she has been privy to state secrets. With a government assassin hot on the trail of River finds refuge with the crew of Serenity but not for long. The government assassin, pursing a scorched earth policy, wastes no time in tracking down Serenity and delivering an ultimatum to Mal – who naturally enough does not respond well to threats (what kind of a mercenary would?).

This is a tightly written, acted and directed movie. Firefly fans will be thrilled, science fiction fans will love it and action movie fans will be amazed that an action movie can be so smart. This is definitely worthwhile adding to your DVD collection.

Denis Bernicky

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