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Science Fiction - Clockstoppers

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Tony Abatemarco, Michael Biehn, Jesse Bradford, Esperanza Catubig, Paula Garcés
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Language: English, French
Number of discs: 1
Rating PG
Studio: Paramount
Run Time: 93 minutes

Clockstoppers is a fun and entertaining science fiction movie for the whole family. Usually the words family movie will send shivers down the spine of adult viewers who have to sit through the fare with their little ones but such is not the case with Clockstoppers. This isn’t a movie an adult would watch by themselves but with the kids this is an easy movie to enjoy.

If there is a question which stands out in the mind of a science fiction fan it is this: Why does John D. MacDonald not get any credit for the story line? The basis of the story is straight out of MacDonald’s The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything. It could be that Robert and Andy Hedden didn’t feel that there were enough similarities to give credit to MacDonald conversely given the lightweight child oriented script it could just as easily have been the MacDonald estate that asked he not be given credit.

The premise of Clockstoppers is simple enough. A brilliant scientist comes up with a method of speeding up people so that their molecules are moving so fast they become invisible to those around them and those around them appear to be almost motionless in comparison. The process has been condensed into a bright yellow digital watch that the scientist forwards to his former professor to get some help with a math problem involving the accelerated aging process which accompanies prolonged use of the watch. The professors teenage son finds the watch just hours before the bad guys (well you knew there had to be bad guys) come looking for it.

This is classic teenager saves the world kind of stuff not much different in spirit than Agent Cody Banks, Catch That Kid and Spy Kids. As with those movies it is not a movie grown-ups will sit down to enjoy by themselves but if you have kids between 9 and 13 this is a pretty safe bet and believe it or not a good launching point for some cool “What if” type conversations with the kids.

Denis Bernicky

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