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Foreign Film - Germany - The Wedding Party / Die Bluthochzeit


The Wedding Party
Die Bluthochzeit
German, English Subtitles
Mongrel Media 2007
92 minutes

The Wedding Party / Die Bluthochzeit is a bizarre German comedy that slowly evolves into a very dark violent drama that will remind many of the Hatfields and McCoys. Hermann Walzer books his son's wedding party at Berger's hotel. When Walzer walks out without paying because the shrimp are not fresh Berger realizes the bride and her mother in law are still on his property and holds them hostage.

At first The Wedding Party starts out as a farce. Each man is too proud to step down and engages in some one-upmanship always started by the tyrannical Walzer. Walzer refuses to let Berger's other guest leave and even holds those who try to escape hostage. Things start to get really out of hand when grandfather Walzer finds some WWII era grenades and tosses one on Berger's property.

This is where The Wedding Party / Die Bluthochzeit gets really dark. The violence escalates quickly. This Hatfields and McCoys conflict basically becomes a war between two camps with the women trying to get the men to come to their senses. This movie is probably a war allegory of sorts but I was too busy watching it to try to decode the references.

If you are looking for a different kind of movie, something original that will keep you watching and interested, this DVD fits the bill. The Wedding Party / Die Bluhochzeit is not a keeper unless you are a fan of German cinema but it is a solid first choice rental.

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