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Action - George and the Dragon


George and the Dragon
Piper Perabo, Patrick Swayze, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Purefoy
Directed by Tom Reeve
Peace Arch Home Entertainment 2007
93 minutes

George and the Dragon is a very good action comedy DVD where both action and comedy fire on all cylinders. This is your basic knight in shining armor, Michael Purefoy, who has to defeat a dragon, the dragon, to rescue the cute princess, Piper Perabo. Along for the ride are his faithful companion Michael Clarke Duncan, a Friar Tuck kind of guy, and, of course, the bad guy, Patrick Swayze.  George and the Dragon is a DVD for the whole family that kids will enjoy because much of the violence is comic and there is no bloodshed. Parents will enjoy because George and the Dragon is well-written, features some snappy dialogue, and is just plain goofy fun.

It is clear early on that George and the Dragon is not aiming to be Lord of the Rings and is hoping to be more a Princess Bride kind of knight in shining armor comedy DVD. One of the first scenes has Father Bernard escape the gallows on a medieval skateboard. A young boy decides to tag along as George continues his quest in an obvious attempt to get the young males in the audience onside. This kind of stuff usually feels forced but it works quite well in George and the Dragon.

The main reason this knight versus the dragon comedy works is it does not waste any time. Any information you might need to understand George and the Dragon, such as how George and Tarik became friends and who is who is neatly and quickly presented or explained by the narrator so the story quickly moves on to the next comic or adventure scene. You do not get bored watching the George and the Dragon DVD, that's for sure. Even the princess, Piper Perabo, can hold her own in a battle though you have to admit she is kind of flat-chested for a princess.

There are also a few plot twists in this action such as the princess not being particularly interested in being rescued, not being particularly enamored of her betrothed (Patrick Swayze) and not really impressed by George himself that keep the George and the Dragon DVD fresh and the viewer guessing. One of these twists allows Val Kilmer to make a cameo appearance.

George and the Dragon is a lot of fun to watch. It is entertaining, well-acted, and action-packed without any blood and guts. As a sit back and just watch the movie kind of offering this DVD is perfect. It is also a keeper.

Stay for the credits as you get bloopers and gags along with them and they are worth watching.

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