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Science Fiction - Robot Jox

Starring: Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson, Paul Koslo, Michael Alldredge
Director: Stuart Gordon
Screenplay: Joe Haldeman

Robot Jox is such a silly title that it almost invites mocking. There is so much that the title and the Gundam type suits the lead characters wear to a strictly B cast that invites mocking. But there is no reason to pick on what is a pretty good little flick. The special effects are secondary in Robot Jox and for their time (1990) the combination of stop motion and some flash bang they are pretty good.

Robot Jox is a morality play - an anti-war movie playing with cold war themes and pacifist philosophy in kind of a Sam Peckinpah Straw Dogs sort of way. The Joe Haldeman story centers around Robot Jox who fight for their respective military regimes by climbing into massive robotic suits to do battle. If you have ever played MechWarrior or watched Gundam Wing you know the premise of the suits these men and women wear. This is a nicely developed low budget science fiction movie that works. While trite the story is a good one and holds together well. The hinted at background story works well though the fact it is never really developed calls out to be told. A sidebar story involving the first female Robot Jox and Achilles the hero of the piece also works very well.
This is a solid piece of story telling and is definitely worth watching.

Denis Bernicky

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