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Horror - Heretic

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304 pages
Publisher: Pocket (September 27, 2005)
Author: Joseph Nassise

Psst, want a quick read? The Templar Chronicles: Heretic is about as quick as you can get. With the tag line: “The Vatican has a secret weapon. His name is Cade.” You know from the get go that this is going to be an adventure book otherwise why would the Holy See need a weapon?

The cover of the book informs us that Joseph Nassise was a Bram Stoker award nominee which probably means something to some but was lost on this read. What was not lost though was the leap into action from the first few pages of Heretic and a solid page turning pace through the subsequent 295 pages. The strength of Heretic lies in Nassise’s ability to evoke empathy in the reader through the meat of the story and adding to it only occasionally with back story.

Simply put this is a straightforward story of good and evil. The Knights Templar are alive and well and protecting the faith in whatever form it requires protection. The side of evil of course is well represented by those who value short term, corporeal power over eternal salvation. In this case the Knights Templar are coming under attack by supernatural forces and being slaughtered. The question on everyone’s mind is: Why is this happening? How do the attackers know so much about the Templar, their bases and their assigned tasks? By the time the answer is found it could be too late for the Church and far too late for humanity.

The protagonist Cade is everything a reader could want from the Holy See’s wrath incarnate. He is gifted, smart and flawed – in other words the perfect modern hero. Joseph Nassise’s Heretic is a must read for any fan of horror or religious fiction. He will easily fit into the library of fans of Dan Brown, David Morrell or Dean Koontz.

Denis Bernicky

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