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Science Fiction - Hunters Of Dune

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Hunters Of Dune
Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
542 Pages

Hunters Of Dune is the latest in a series of books produced by Brian Herbert around the original six books by the late Frank Herbert. That Brian has managed to produce almost twice that many books around his father's efforts is a testament to the depth and compelling nature of Frank Herbert's work that so much could be drawn from it.

Hunters Of Dune is a decent sequel to Chapterhouse Dune and brings into focus the cliffhanger ending of Chapterhouse and moves forward from there. All the characters a fan of the original Dune sextet are here. Duncan Idaho is piloting the noship that he and Reverend Mother Sheeana stole from Chapterhouse complete with their prisoner the Tleilaxu Master Waff, Futars and a collection of Bene Gesserit who have fled Chapterhouse to avoid the new sisterhood being hammered out by Murbella.

Everything a fan of Dune could want to be addressed is addressed in Hunters Of Dune. Murbella works feverishly to recreate the Bene Gesserit into a hybrid of Honored Maters and Bene Gesserit – with the Bene Gesserit ascendant naturally enough. As with all the Dune books – both Frank Herbert's and those with Brian as a co-author – politics and intrigue plays a very large role. The machinations and agenda of various groups even in small communities keeps the tension in Hunters Of Dune at a constant level.

It is without a doubt that Hunters Of Dune is the laying of ground work for more Dune books. Krazilec can't be accomplished in one book and besides there is is a whole new generation of readers out there who don't know who Muad'dib or Leto II are. This is a good read but clearly a bridge to more books to come. Unlike Frank Herbert who wrote books in series where each book could have stood by itself Hunters is clearly a sequel to Chapterhouse and a prequel to something else.

Denis Bernicky

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