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Science Fiction - Repo Man

Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton, Olivia Barash
Written and directed by Alex Cox
Universal 1984
93 minutes

Repo Man has got to be one of the best science fiction comedy DVDs out there. Emilio Estevez is great as Otto, a crewcut punk rocker and apprentice repo man who gets involved with a group of flying saucer conspiracy nuts working under the name of United Fruitcake Outlet or UFO. This happens when he picks up Leila (Olivia Barash) in the fancy car he just reposessed. Harry Dean Stanton is just as funny as Bud, Otto’s new boss.

While the Emilio Estevez character is out repossessing cars (always good for a few laughs), mysterious government agents are looking for a ’64 Chevy that disintegrated a highway patrol officer and supposedly contains the corpses of four aliens that were smuggled from an Area 51 kind of place. This becomes a problem when the government notifies all the repo men out there there is a 20,000 dollar reward for the Malibu and it becomes a dog eat dog chase for the big prize. The ’64 Chevy gets repoed and stolen a few times and there’s always tension around if the new owner will look in the trunk and get disintegrated.

It seems most of the characters in Repo Man are into some kind of cosmic thing. One of them is a great believer in Dioretix, a book written by A-Rum-Bum, while another has a comic explanation for everything. One of the many great running gags in Repo Man has to do with product placement. Instead of brand names, everything has a while label so when Bud invites Otto out for a drink, they go to the local convenience store and buy two six packs of Drink. Later on, Otto eats out of a can labeled Food. Another running gag is the punks robbing the liquor store. Their final attempt leads to a violent Mexican stand-off and some funny last words from one of the characters.

There are also many other very funny moments in this great comedy science fiction DVD including that of the TV preacher who tells people he asks them for money because God tells him to. The question remains, who gets the hot Malibu in the end and what is it?.

Repo Man, a cool comedy sci-fi DVD.

Richard Lanoie

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