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Action - Bobby Z


Bobby Z
Paul Walker, Laurence Fishburne, Keith Carradine
Directed by John Herzfeld
Based on the Don Winslow novel
Widescreen and Fullscreen
Sony Pictures Home Video 2007
94 minutes

Bobby Z is a pretty good action DVD starring Paul Walker, basically a Brad Pitt lookalike, and Laurence Fishburne, whose choice in movies is sometimes questionable though not in this case. Bobby Z features good chase scenes and fight scenes, an interesting story, a love interest, and, of course, gratuitous violence. The story is original and a bit complicated but this is only to set up a really cool ending.

Walker plays con and Iraq war veteran Tim Kearney who is freed from jail by the Feds (Fishburne) to impersonate the late Bobby Z, a California pot dealer. The Feds need Z so they can trade him for one of their agents held by a Mexican drug lord. The wheels come off that plan pretty quickly and the fake Bobby Z ends up at the drug lord's palatial residence. He meets an ex-girlfriend who beds him and then tells him the drug lord wants to kill him. Z escapes the hacienda with the real Z's son and the chase is on.

The chase includes the drug lord's bad guys, bad guys from the Aryan Brotherhood because Kearney killed one of theirs, the Mexican police, and Fishburne. Kearney's marine training will sure come in handy against all that opposition.

Part of the interest and the originality of Bobby Z comes from the relationship that slowly builds between Kearney and Bobby Z's son Kit, something that makes getting away from all the bad guys a bit more complicated for the former marine. What also complicates things, for the bad guys this time, is everybody wants Z dead so they all get into each other's way with sometimes rather comic though very violent results.

Bobby Z is a fun to watch action movie.

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