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Documentary - Gettysburg and Stories of Valor - Selections


Gettysburg and Stories of Valor
Civil War Minutes III
Public Television Edition
Selections from the 3-hour feature
Narrated by Keith Carradine
Inecom 2007
56 minutes

Gettysburg and Stories of Valor is a very interesting DVD featuring a best of Civil War Minutes. The casual American history fan will no doubt find this documentary DVD interesting but the serious Civil War buff is going to opt for the 3-hour version of this Inecom release and check out the other titles in the series.

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Personally, I enjoy capsule history and the Civil War Minutes III Gettysburg and Stories of Valor DVD, selections version is really interesting and well made. Segments vary in length from 3 to 9 or so minutes. The segments focus on generals from both sides, the Gettysburg site itself, and historical tidbits such as The Lost Drum of Will Mayo or John Burns, Patriot. Each segment is illustrated with scenes of the present Gettysburg site and photographs and illustrations of the period.

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Logically, perhaps, the weak point in this best of Civil War DVD is you sometimes wish to know a little bit more. For example, I was intrigued by the Masons connection between Confederate General Lewis Armistead and Union General Hancock that is mentioned in the section about Armistead but is not expanded upon.

If there is one weak point in this Civil War DVD it is that Keith Carradine's narration is a bit too quick paced. Also, and just to be politically correct, I have the impression there are more segments about the Federal troops than the Confederates.

Civil War Minutes III, Selections from the 3-hour feature includes: Bravery at Gettysburg, Mystery at Devil's Den, Hallowed Ground, Hancock the Superb, Confederate General Lewis Armistead, The Lost Drum of Will Mayo, Our William Is No More, Caught in the Crossfire, John Burns, Patriot, Culp's Hill, Destruction at John Forney's Farm, Pickett's Charge

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