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Mainstream - Holly Hobbie and Friends - Best Friends Forever


Holly Hobbie and Friends
Best Friends Forever
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
44 minutes

Holly Hobbie and Friends - Best Friends Forever DVD is the second instalment in the stand alone Holly Hobbie series. In Best Friends Forever, Holly and her friends Amy and Carrie are in the middle of a summer "boring" time. They are looking for something to do, when Holly's aunt suggests they look at the world with different eyes. The girls go looking and find an unexpected someone who really needs their help: an elderly woman who is about to lose her house to the railroad. There is also a side story including Holly's younger brother, Robby, and his helping an older member of the community

Holly Hobbie and Friends Best Friends Forever is an excellent lesson on intergenerational relations and how even younger kids can make a difference. Holly and her friends show how to rally an entire community to help one person. Even Robby's side story shows how when it comes to finding things in common with friends, age sometimes doesn't matter. Holly, her friends, and Holly's brother are a really good example of thoughtful and caring kids, good for all children. They show how to get along with and take care of people of all ages.

The bonus features on this Holly Hobbie DVD are fun as well. There is a dress up Holly feature and a quiz too. There is also a sing along feature that has the words so kids can read (and learn to read) and sing with Holly.

Holly Hobbie and Friends Best Friends Forever is a great DVD for both young girls and boys. It really shows that young kids shouldn't be afraid of "old" people, and there are always things you find in common with people around you. Helping and caring are two worthwhile lessons easily found in this great show.

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Carolyn Genge

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