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Mainstream - Holly Hobbie and Friends - Surprise Party


Holly Hobbie and Friends
Surprise Party
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
44 minutes

Holly Hobbie and Friends Surprise Party DVD is a cute story of the "fourth generation" Holly Hobbie planning a surprise party for her Aunt Jessie. She is a little too demanding and perhaps judgemental with her friends and family, which causes some friction amongst the friends however. On Holly Hobbie and Friends Surprise Party Holly learns a good lesson by listening and is able to change her ways.  There are side stories as well, with Holly's younger brother chasing aliens, and Holly's uncle eating too many pies.

The "new" Holly Hobbie (based on the 1970's greeting card character of the same name - reincarnated as the great-granddaughter) is sweet without being saccharine.  She is well intentioned and loves to help.  She is an excellent role model for young girls and boys.  In this Holly Hobby and Friends Surprise Party DVD, Holly demonstrates how to listen to your friends and family, and accept people for who they are.

The story and characters are interesting for kids of all ages (although it is geared toward girls)  - my eight-year-old son really likes how nice Holly is to everyone, and my six-year-old daughter likes how Holly gets along with her friends.  This DVD held their attention the entire time.

The original music incorporated into the story and performed by Alyson Stoner as "Holly" is easy to listen to, very upbeat, and contemporary.  The theme song is performed by Leanne Rimes and all of my four children loved to sing along (after watching the DVD more than a couple of times).

The only disappointment was the special features promised on the back of the DVD case were nowhere to be found on the disc.  There was the option of listening to the songs, but the apple pie recipe and scrapbooking tips were not included.

Holly Hobby and Friends Surprise Party is a great DVD for girls and boys and would make a fun addition to any kid's collection.

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Carolyn Genge

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