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Science Fiction - Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1

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Legion of Super Heroes
1 DVD 4 Episodes
Rating NR - Realistically this is G rated Saturday morning television fare
Warner Home Video 2007

This review features 6 clips of Legion of Super Heroes. Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1 is a collection of 4 episodes from the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon series. This is not the original Legion of Super Heroes but the revamped teen version of the show – influenced by anime and the teen titans series. As a collector of movies and of animation in particular I am always a little suspect of the logic of releasing 4 episode DVDs of cartoons in lieu of going straight to the boxed set for the series. Releases such as this are an example of marketing executives in their natural habitat of the ethically challenged.

Click for clip of Legion of Super Heroes Another Fight

Let’s stick to the animation and stories for the time being. Simply put Legion of Super Heroes is a return to good story telling and solid animation that was practically non existent through the advertising tie in years that littered Saturday morning seemingly forever. The four episodes start with the 31st century Legion of Super Heroes traveling back in time to Smallville to get Clark Kent (not yet Superman) to come forward in time to help them deal with the Fatal Five a troop of super villain for whom the 31st century edition of the Legion have no answer. Clark is convinced to go with them to the future with the promise of being able to return to the exact moment that he leaves his mother’s kitchen.

Click for clip of Legion of Super Heroes Brany Gets Hurt

The four episodes included on the Legion of Super Heroes Volume 1 DVD are Man of Tomorrow (Superman going to the 31st century to help quell the Fatal Five), Timber Wolf (an interesting exploration of motivations in genetic engineering), Legacy (Superman meets the girl of his dreams – kind of), Phantoms (easily the best of the four episodes as Superman does battle with Drax).There is no question as to the quality of animation, direction, story telling and voice work on this DVD; it is all solid work. The DC universe of super heroes is well represented by this release.

Click for Legion of Super Heroes clip Superman In Love

The reservations of this reviewer concerning this DVD are more to do with the way that the cartoons are being released rather than the content of the cartoons. Someone at WB has a dark heart which is made clear by releasing one off DVDs rather than boxed sets. This is the kind of cynical marketing made to stock the shelves of Wal-Mart for impulse buys than it is to serve real fans of the show. Priced at $12.99 at Amazon.com the price is reasonable for four episodes of television the question for fans is really: When does the boxed set come out?

Click for Legion of Super Heroes clip Learning HIs Destiny

Click for Legion of Super Heroes clip Overview

Click for Legion of Super Heroes clip Good Fight

Denis Bernicky

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