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Mainstream - Being Ian - The Curse


Being Ian - The Curse
3 Episodes 1 DVD
Peace Arch Home Entertainment 2007

Just in time for Halloween, Being Ian The Curse is available.  The Canadian show now has a compilation of scary shows. There are three episodes on this DVD: 1) The Curse which is the funny scary episode about Ian's father's employee cursing their music shop and Ian and his friend solving the mystery surrounding that, 2) Scream Because I know What You Did to That Psycho Last Summer which is a scary look at Ian getting his comeuppance as a practical joker, and Ian's Louse-ey Day which is a gross scary look at what lengths Ian will go to in order to stay away from a dance party. 

The first two Being Ian episodes on this DVD really belong on a scary compilation disc. The Curse rates a general audience rating from both my 8-year-old son and me.  It is a little scary, with a logical explanation given at the end.  Scream Because I know What You Did to That Psycho Last Summer is a really scary homage to Psycho.  My 8-year-old didn't like this episode in the least - it was too much for him.  I thought the family took the game of settling scores too far - Ian was really traumatised by the entire sequence of events.  It might be good for older kids (12 and up) who are looking for a scary cartoon to watch during a sleepover on a stormy night...but for kids younger than that I wouldn't recommend it.  Ian's Louse-ey Day was gross for me (what mother wants to have to think about lice) but my son liked it best of all three. It was funny in places, and showed some school scenes (at Celine Dion High School no less) that he could relate to. It was also the least scary, and therefore didn't really fit in the collection.

On the whole Being Ian The Curse DVDwould be a scary addition to a Halloween collection suited for older kids who are ready to be scared.

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Carolyn Genge

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