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Horror - Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Pleasant Screams

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Tales From The Cryptkeeper Pleasant Screams
The Complete First Season
2 DVDs 14 episodes
Produced by Nelvana
Peace Arch Entertainment 2007
296 minutes

It isn’t often that the start of a series is weak and improves markedly after a few episodes. Such is the case with Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Pleasant Screams. The first few episodes from this 14 episode DVD set are a little weak on the storyline front and have some issues in terms of the quality of animation. The turn around in the fifth episode which carries through to the end of disk one and disk two is surprising. There is a definite shift in gears both in terms of story telling and animation quality that makes the rest of the first season very enjoyable viewing.

Tales From The Cryptkeeper stories are mainstream morality tales wrapped in horror adventure tales with stories ranging in theme from ecological responsibility, being true to yourself, the importance of friendship. Also part of the Cryptkeeper stories are retelling of stories like Sleeping Beauty and The Monkey’s Paw in episodes entitled The Sleeping Beauty and Gorilla’s Paw (which is one of the best episodes). These shows are great family viewing as the stories have little touches which only older viewers will get especially in terms of puns and plays on words. There is also a little game you can play which fans of Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan will appreciate: Spot the Cryptkeeper. In every episode the Cryptkeeper appears somewhere in the story, as a profile on a penny, a vendor at an amusement park etcetera.

All in all Tales From The Cryptkeeper: Pleasant Screams is a good value with almost 300 minutes of quality entertainment. Fans of the animation series will be happy and fans of the Tales From The Crypt comic book series as well as fans of the HBO Tales From The Crypt series.  

Denis Bernicky

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