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Science Fiction - Phil The Alien

Rob Stefaniuk, Nicole deBoer, Graham Greene
Written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk
Black Walk Productions 2004
86 minutes

If you want more out of science-fiction films than your basic Hollywood blockbuster and if you like weird and quirky science fiction movies, Phil The Alien is right up your alley. If you like weird Canadian comedies, this is a movie for you too. Phil The Alien is a low budget movie with the usual weaknesses associated to movies where the writer and director is also the lead but its off the wall sense of humor and over the top American secret agents make up for the slow bits.

Phil The Alien, played by Rob Stefaniuk, crashes in northern Ontario and quickly discovers the joys of alcohol and hanging out with the weird and very Canadian locals. He spends a lot of time at the Canadian Tavern run by Graham Green and literally goes home to a beaver lodge. Eventually, the American secret agents, whose hideout is behind Niagara Falls, send their best agent, Madame Madame (played by Nicole deBoer) to kill Phil.

Meanwhile, Phil The Alien finds religion in jail, hooks up with the local bar band, and starts singing the praises of Jesus on his way to Niagara Falls. This is where the final confrontation between alien and U.S. agents takes place.

There are so many quirky and weird moments in this movie that it is hard to convey them all. Phil The Alien is a science fiction comedy in which some will find shades of Men In Black and Galaxy Quest. One of the best moments in this movie is when the Nicole deBoer character kills Sean Cullen (either because he is an alien or because he simply cannot act, either way, it was a good deed done for the good of humanity).

Granted, Phil The Alien does test your patience with a couple too many scenes involving the bar band singing but the talking beaver bit (voiced by Joe Flaherty) and the general fun in this comedy sci-fi DVD makes up for it.

Phil The Alien: Not a classic but a fun movie to watch.

Richard Lanoie

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