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Mainstream - 2:37


Teresa Palmer, Frank Sweet, Sam Harris
Written and directed by Murali K. Thaluri
Australia 2006
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2007
95 minutes

2:37 is a fascinating and well-made Australian psychological drama DVD about high school life. There is a definite believability to the characters and events in 2:37 rarely found in other such movies. This is a fascinating, appropriately slow-paced drama that does have a couple of disturbing scenes that are not recommended for early teens. The acting and writing are solid and so is the directing though the generic classical music background does take a slight bit away from the movie. Then again, a more modern soundtrack would have taken a lot away from this high school drama and its nice to see a movie not trying to cash in on its possible soundtrack sales.

2:37 flashes back from the discovery at 2:37 in the afternoon of a student who has committed suicide in the school washroom. You do not know who it is but are introduced to seven of the high school's students. Though these seven students are types such as Luke the jock, Sean the stoner, Sarah the nice girl and Luke's girlfriend, Melody and Marcus the popular girl and the talented and successful boy (Marcus) who have rich but absent parents. The parents encourage Marcus' every talent but totally ignore their daughter, There is also Steven, the handicapped kid. Though they may sound like it, these characters are not stereotypes but real and well-defined individuals with real and pretty serious problems.

Part of the story of this Australian high school drama is the characters get some interview room time where they reveal their background and personal story though some are reluctant to tell the truth and some are bravado more than anything. The characters also cross paths with each other in the hallways or washrooms thus connecting each individual story into a whole. The whole itself is fascinating and disturbing at the same time and a disturbing movie is what writer director Murali K. Thaluri had in mind for reasons that are clear at the end of 2:37

If there is one distracting point here is that the girls are all blond and look and sound alike so it is a bit difficult at first for the viewer to remember which is which. This is not an acting or directing problem more than a questionable casting decision. To make a viewer's life simpler; Melody is the girl in the green top, Sarah wears the pink top, and the two other girls wear a white top.

That aside, 2:37 is a fascinating and well-made high school drama DVD.

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