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Mainstream - The Longer-Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book


The Longer Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book
More Facts, Stories, and Humor from the Good Book
W.B. Freeman
Faith Words / Hachette Book Group
Paperback 383 pages

I absolutely love bathroom reader books and am an avid fan of the Uncle John's series. The Longer-Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book was a bit of a surprise however. I expected a cross between a bathroom reader and kitchen slop for the soul; I received a bathroom reader that is all bible all the time. This is really not my cup of holy water but I must admit I found The Longer Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book a lot of fun nonetheless.

If you are looking for a different and original gift to a good Christian home you can hardly do better than The Longer-Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book. This is not a bunch of pages with quotes and passages from the bible but a bathroom reader that uses the minutiae of the bible to create a whole bunch of interesting factoid lists and articles. For example The Forties is about the number forty in the good book, A Biblical Orchestra lists all the musical instruments mentioned in the bible (no accordions -take that polka people!), Bible Bugs is about, you guessed it, and If Trees Could Talk is a similar list about trees.

There are a couple of pages on bible bloopers where some scribe or typographer misspelled a passage giving that book a legendary name such as The Murderer's Bible thus named after the word murmurers (Mark 7:27) was replaced with murderers. No, they do not list the legendary Adam and Steve book.

There are lists for the history of biblical broadcasting, good or bad pillars, signs of the end (and no George W. Bush is not mentioned ... specifically anyway), great biblical parties, and so on. Also enjoyable in The Longer Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book are the sections and pages about much less known biblical factoids, people whose lives were changed by the good book, and the origins of various customs and movements.

There are however a few entries here and there that are quite superficial and could have used a bit of actual research such as What Makes a Monk a Trappist and the story of Richard Allen. These are only a few of these however.

I am not a big fan of organized religion and preachy stuff. The Longer-Lasting Inspirational Bathroom Book, though extremely appropriate as a gift for a good Christian home, is something anybody can really enjoy: it is fun, not preachy, and curiously fascinating. Yes, you are going to learn something but that is true of all bathroom readers.

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