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Science Fiction - Aeon Flux

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Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo
Director: Karyn Kusama
Number of discs: 1
Rated PG-13
Paramount Home Video

Every review can begin with a simple declarative statement in this case that statement would be: I liked this movie. It is worth your time.

There are so many ways to come to a movie that you can easily judge a movie before you  see it especially with the Internet, previews and broadcast reviews on radio and television. Everyone has an opinion and is willing to share it with you before the movie even opens. Aeon Flux was one of those movies that was torpedoed by critics and fans of the original series.

Æon Flux was an MTV series broadcast as six shorts in 1991 and followed up in 1992 with five more shorts. The whole package was rebroadcast in 95 as a single series. As with many movies based on animated or cartoon originals there is a lot to live up to when trying to make the transition to the big screen: Not the least of which is the memory of how the original series made the viewer feel.

The storyline for Aeon Flux is simple. Four centuries after a virus nearly destroys the population of earth there remain only five million survivors lifing in a utopia (dystopia?) called Bregna. Bregna is ruled by Trevor Goodchild - Bregna has always been rulled by Goodchilds. Aeon Flux is the best of the best super secret underground assassin for the rebel Monicans who want to shake off the shackles of the perfect society and try life as the mess it is supposed to be.

Aeon Flux is fast paced, stylized and easy to follow. In the realm of special effects, costumes, lighting, sound and acting there is nothing wanting in this movie. Everything is tight and well executed. So the story is a little "done before" and the direction isn't stellar - that doesn't kill the movie's appeal. Aeon Flux is worth your time.

Denis Bernicky

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