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Mainstream - Redemption of the Ghost


Redemption of the Ghost
Gene Bicknell, Diane Ladd, Alexandra Paul
Directed by Richard Friedman
Originally released 2002
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2008
111 minutes

For a feel good movie, the Redemption of the Ghost DVD sure starts out rather violently with an opening scene right out of The Fugitive. It then settles in and starts telling a too long and unbelievable story about Witt Hampton, an escaped bank robber (the excellent Gene Bicknell) who hides in a barn and convinces a young girl and her brother he is their friendly ghostly imaginary friend. The kids in turn convince -how is not quite clear--Witt to make amends for his past, hence the redemption of the ghost.

This all sounds like a good idea for a family movie but Redemption Of The Ghost fails to capture your interest. Witt spends too much time in the barn and doing good deeds around the house, forgetting he is an escaped convict with the cops after him. You never get the feeling Witt is in any danger and neither does he as he even goes to the local diner for lunch and causes a memorable scene. For a guy on the run he sure seems to like stagnating in one place for a long time. This is but one of the many ways this movie stretches willing suspension of disbelief until it breaks and you give up.

The part of the movie about Witt's redemption is unbelievable. Especially with all the things he does to make amends. Even when you think the movie has gone beyond believable Redemption of the Ghost finds yet another way for Witt's redemption, and more heart string tugging moments and melodramatic music. It then adds yet another dramatic moment on top of that. And, believe it or not, it finds another way to top that.

Not much can redeem Redemption of the Ghost.

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