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Action - Love Lies Bleeding


Love Lies Bleeding
Christian Slater, Brian Geraghty, Jenna Dewan
Directed by Keith Samples
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
94 minutes

If I was running away from bad guys after taking a gym bag full of their loot, I certainly would not buy a bright orange and white 57 Chevy to do it in. This is what Duke (Brian Geraghty) does with his girlfriend  Amber (Jenna Dewan) in the very straight to DVD Love Lies Bleeding. Personally, a beige or brown ugly ass Ford Taurus would be my getaway car of choice. Then again, the whole action movie bad guy after the nice young couple premise of Love Lies Bleeding would vanish. Yeah, an ugly ass brown Taurus would have been a good choice.

Granted, Duke did not know the bad guy, Christian Slater, is a DEA agent gone bad, but any villain who has that kind of dough lying around can certainly organize to find a bright orange 57 Chevy. Love Lies Bleeding is also a movie where the bad Chicanos are still stealing VCRs.

If you start looking at all the incongruities (why the hell do they sit around waiting for two days for the water pump on the bright orange getaway car to get fixed, why the hell do they look into buying a house when they are still 24 hours driving distance from where they set out, why the hell do they leave the bag of loot in full view in the hotel room, they the hell pick one, any one) you understand why Love Lies Bleeding went straight to DVD. That is after director Keith Samples uses a sledgehammer to establish life is not fair and Duke and Amber are really nice folks undergoing hard times and once you accept his indulgent taste for camera shots that have nothing to do with the story like the scene of the barrio dog burying a bone and that some of the movie is an excuse to set up a soundtrack CD.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about Love Lies Bleeding is it sure is pretty looking.

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