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Mainstream - The Nines


The Nines
Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy
Written and directed by John August
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
99 minutes

The Nines is one weird and I mean weird DVD and not for the mainstream movie fan. It is different from anything else you might have seen and pretty good entertainment if you are willing to go along for the very strange ride. The Nines tells three different eventually connected stories in three long short films where the actors play a different character. This DVD has all the trappings of a bad artsy-fartsy movie without falling into those traps. Big time movie fans will certainly enjoy playing "spot the cinematic reference" (Misery is a very easy one) but it's no big deal if you can't.

In the first third of The Nines Ryan Reynolds plays Gary, a TV star who is sentenced to house arrest in someone else's house. His P.A. (Melissa McCarthy) joins him there and the next door neighbor, Hope Davis, has the hots for him. Reynolds soon gets the feeling something weird is going on: he hears strange noises, mouse traps get moved around, and the number nine keeps popping up. What does it all mean?

If you pay attention to the clip from Gary's TV show (Crim9 Lab) you'll notice a really good spoof of CSI's Horatio Cane: Remove sunglasses, say something pithy, and roll credits.

In part two of The Nines Reynolds plays Gavin, a TV writer taking part in Behind The Screen, a reality TV show about making a TV show. That in itself is interesting and I would probably tune in. Melissa McCarthy of Gilmore Girls plays Melissa McCarthy of Gilmore Girls. You quickly figure out Gavin's house is where Gary was staying or will be staying during his house arrest. Things start to get weird when the pilot of the show in the show is shown to a target audience.

Part two runs a bit long for what it has to do in terms of story.

Before part three of this DVD a sequence starts to explain it all. That's a good thing because I was almost ready to give up on The Nines.

In the third third of The Nines Reynolds plays a family man who leaves his family in the woods to go for help after the car battery dies. On his way for help he meets Hope Davis and we learn this time around Reynolds is a game designer. He meets the pissed-off ex-girlfriend of a gamer. Then, weird sh!t happens, again. 

The Nines is an experience. Cinema fans will enjoy it.

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