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Horror - Black Water


Black Water
Diana Glenn, Maeve Demonchy,
Andy Rodoreda, 1 Clever Crocodile
Directed by David Nerlich, Andrew Traucki
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
89 minutes

Black Water c-rocs. This is a just long enough horror movie about three people stuck in a tree while a man-eating crocodile waits underneath for one of them to become, depending on the time of day, breakfast, lunch, or supper. I am not sure what Lee (Maeve Demonchy) and her older sister Grace (Diana Glenn) are so worried about though. It is, after all, a man eating crocodile so logically the only one in any danger is Adam (Andy Rodoreda), right? And where's Steve Irwin when you need him? ... Oh, yeah!

Seriously. Black Water is a very good horror movie. You have to give credit to directors David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki for making an interesting and scary flick where the characters spend most of their time in one location, a tree. Nerlich and Traucki do a decent job of getting the set-up info across not too didactically. They do a very good job of teasing the viewer a bit before the big events happen. They also learned a few lessons from Jaws and apply them well. Methinks the croc saw Spielberg's movie too.

The common problem with horror movies is they overstay their welcome by ten to fifteen minutes, take too long to get the action going, and feature your usual cast of characters such as bimbo, jock, nerd, and so on. This is not at all the case here.

This may be a low budget movie but it really does not appear to be so. It is well-acted, and very well-written. It is also smartly paced and it looks really really good on a big screen TV.

Special features on the Black Water DVD include deleted scenes, a better than most filmmaker's commentary track, and a making of bit.

This is good stuff.

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