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Action - The Seeker - The Dark Is Rising


The Seeker : The Dark Is Rising
Alexander Ludwig, Christopher Eccleston, Frances Conroy
Directed by David L. Cunningham
Based on the Susan Cooper novel
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
94 minutes

Readers are never satisfied with the movie version of their imagination thus I suspect fans of the Susan Cooper Seeker books will find flaws in The Dark Is Rising, the first movie but the second novel. This DVD is great entertainment aimed at teens who don't mind pretty scary bits in their fantasy movie. It is also lots of fun for adults who enjoy fantasy and a rather well-made movie even if characters hammer in the basic plot from time to time. Warning: there are scenes involving strobing light: epileptics beware.

Will Stanton (Alexander Ludwig) is the seventh son of a seventh son. On his fourteenth birthday he discovers this genealogical status means he is rather special. He finds this out the hard, creepy way with strange mall rent-a-cops and an eerie horseman going after him. He also discovers just in time (no pun intended, really) that he has allies in some of the locals of the village he and his large American family recently moved to. Will is The Seeker caught in a battle between good and evil. Of course, Will feels overwhelmed.

For those unfamiliar with the books it takes a bit of a while for the pieces to fall into place. This is director David L. Cunningham's way to have the viewer share Will's original lack of understanding. Will is the representative of the forces of Light and he has five days to gather six signs spread across time and earth. Together, these signs will allow him to fight the forces of Dark. Without the signs, he is sure to lose. All this is clearly mentioned a few times. He has five days to gather six signs. As an extra incentive, he will also lose the girl. Will feels overwhelmed.

Everything pretty much works in this fantasy movie. Ludwig is a good actor and Will is an interesting character. The movie has cool special effects, scary bits, and is visually interesting. It also has a good story that is well told even if it does hammer away at the Will is the overwhelmed seeker and there are six signs to find or else bit. It also has an occasional sense of humor that I enjoyed.

The Seeker The Dark Is Rising is good and very entertaining even if it does hammer away the six signs bit

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