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Foreign Film - Italy - Agata and the Storm - Agata e la tempesta

Agata and the Storm - Agata e la tempesta
Licia Maglietta, Giuseppe Battiston, Emilio Solfrizzi
Directed by Silvio Soldini
Italy 2004
Film Movement 2006
118 minutes

Agata and the Storm /  Agata e la tempesta is a very strange Italian comedic movie. Making sense of it all is like trying to separate spaghetti in a bowl: it is difficult and not in your supper's best interest. This foreign film DVD really is its own creature. I read the blurb inside the Film Movement jacket but really have no idea what director Silvio Soldini is talking about when he explains his movie. I also have no idea wether this movie is good or bad but it doesn't quite make sense.

Gustavo, a successful Italian businessman, finds out his parents paid 350,000 liras for him (it was worth much more back then). He is, or was, Agata's brother. Agata is a bookshop owner in her forties who is having a fling with a younger and married man. She also has the strange ability when she is in a certain emotional state to blow out the light bulbs in the room she is in.

The strangest thing about Agata and the Storm is Soldini skips over the events of intervening days and weeks without explanation. For example, Gustavo moves in with his new found brother and sister-in-law. One day he is a successful architect, the other he is painting a door at his newfound brother's home, going into business with him, and neglecting his architectural firm. Eventually Agata and Gustavo move in with their newfound brother and go into business together.

My Italian is non-existent but I am curious as to why the subtitles translate Agata's expression of desperation "Christopher Colombo" into Christmas Crackers.  Very strange.

The short included on this DVD is Jesus Henry Christ by American writer/director Dennis Lee. This is a very funny short about a young boy at a religious school who is a little too strong willed for its headmaster.

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