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Mainstream - Slipstream


Anthony Hopkins, Lisa Pepper
Kevin McCarthy, Christian Slater, John Turturo,
Written and directed by Anthony Hopkins
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
96 minutes

WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE F.....???? If this doesn't cross your mind have a dozen times a minute you are not watching Slipstream. There are really weird movies and then there is this really really weird weird movie penned and directed by Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins. It is one of those fictional worlds catch up to fiction writer's real life movies and this is one freaking bizarre fictional world and he is one strange writer.

Slipstream is any wannabe screenwriter and poseur director's wet dream: An absolutely incomprehensible movie that works. For the first few minutes and the rest of this movie you get the impression somebody's been smoking some really primo stuff and that somebody is you. While this would then become just tedious in anybody else's hands, Hopkins keeps you totally hooked, off-kilter, and willing. How many times have you sat through a DVD, had no idea what was going on, and still continued watching not because "I've already invested some time into it so what the hell" but because it is just mind-bogglingly mind-boggling? This movie is it.

It is ridiculous to try to explain this Anthony Hopkins movie though it does give a few clues right at the beginning when Felix's friend talks about life regression and slipstream and another character and Felix both quote Poe: "A dream within a dream." I strongly recommend you turn on the subtitles for this one to better get it.

They say you life flashes before your eyes right before you die....

One more thing. I don't know who designed this DVD insert but I challenge anyone on this planet to be able to read the credits in the back and notice there are special features on this disc. Minuscule bronze lettering on a black background?

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