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Mainstream - Madeline - Meet Me In Paris

Madeline - Meet Me in Paris
Voices of Long John Baldry, Tracey Lee Smythe
3 Episodes 1 DVD 3 Episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2008

Madeline -Meet Me in Paris is a compilation DVD of three episodes of the cartoon based on the children's books by Ludwig Bemelmans. The little orphan girl Madeline has all kinds of adventures with her 11 friends and headmistress (Ms. Gravel). The three episodes are: at the Louvre, at the Eiffel Tower, and in Cannes. 

Each 22-minute episode is great - with little and big lessons learned by Madeline and others.  "At the Louvre" has Madeline taking painting lessons and teaches about patience and determination; in  "Eiffel Tower", Madeline visits the famed landmark and gets stuck at the top, and lets us see the possible dangers of taking dares; "Cannes" has Madeline using her creativity and shows us that imagination can lead you anywhere...

There is lots of good to be said about this Madeline Meet Me In Paris DVD.  Madeline is a courageous and feisty character, encouraging children to think their own way without being sassy.  She sets a good example without throwing it in our faces.  The art is eye catching and colourful - perfect to keep kids interested.  It is really neat to "see" Paris and France albeit through the eyes of cartoon artists.  That said, there is a calm and soothing element to these episodes - the voices and the music are relaxing and comforting. 

This is a great little DVD for kids of all ages - yes there are lessons learned, but they don't come across as preachy - the message is subtle enough that the stories still feel like fun.  All four of my children (8 and under) watched the three episodes with fascination, and they wanted to watch them again soon after. 

I would recommend this DVD for a family wanting to pique some interest in France, and learn some lessons as well.

Carolyn Genge

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