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Mainstream - Care Bears - Grissle-ly Adventures


Care Bears Grissle-ly Adventures
1 DVD 2 Episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
46 minutes

Care Bears Grissle-ly Adventures is the latest in the Care Bears series of movies and TV episodes. Care Bears are characters that were originally created by American Greetings in the early 1980's to sell greeting cards and they are still going strong.

This DVD has two linked episodes that have the newest "bad guy" - Grizzle (for all of you who remember Dark Heart, he doesn't make an appearance here). The first episode  "Broken" has Share Bear not sharing, and calling in the local baddie for help.  As soon as she realizes the error of her ways, Share Bear and the Bears in Care-a-Lot work together to set things right. The second episode "Emma's Dilemma" sends two of the Bears to earth to help a young girl get through some challenges with her older brothers, they then invite her up to Care-a-Lot to have her help in finding things that have mysteriously gone missing.

I was not a fan of the Care Bears the first time around (maybe I was a little old then...), but started to change my mind with the re-runs featuring Dark Heart.  I'm not sure that I have come full circle with these new instalments. These episodes grabbed neither my attention nor my children's. They seemed a little too superficial for my liking, and my kids just couldn't get into the characters or stories.The new villain Grizzle, although a ‘logical' choice being a bear, is nothing more than a petty, jealous creature that has tempter tantrums that make no sense.

This was not a great DVD; my family had a hard time sitting through both episodes, and only did so at my request. I was hoping for some great lessons, or at least some more entertainment, but Grissle-ly Adventures didn't deliver.

Carolyn Genge

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